Integrity and respect are two distinct virtues which every human being needs to hold strong to.

I try to convey my messages on these two ethical pillars deeply rooted in the foundation of truth.

According to, Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

The other important aspect is respect. Many try to convey the truth by bulldozing everyone who is in front of them. That is not respect, respect is being able to listen and getting to know the person as much as possible. Only than you can start comprehending his or her reactions.

Yes the truth might hurt sometimes and create uncomfortable situations. While we still have to tell the truth, we have to make sure that we portray it in a loving way.

So for all those who feel offended with what I write, it is important for me to tell you that it is not even in my farthest thought to cause you hurt and I would appreciate if you give me the opportunity to communicate with you.

I hope and pray that my messages will be a source of encouragement to you.

Faithfully Yours

Alton Costa