Today’s tragic news made me recall an analogy I recently heard. Getting wet is the natural consequence of having a shower. No one would state the obvious “Oh I had a shower and got wet.” Same thing is happening today around the globe. What happened at Nice today is the fruit of allowing and accepting evil to come, settle and dominate.
Deep condolences and all my prayers go to all the injured and loved ones of the victims.
Such moments should bring us all into a deep reflection and when I look in house I ask, are we sure we are not doing the same thing?
I am not referring to the illegal immigrants, much have been already said about this and will not go into that argument. I am now referring to allowing evil in our midst, by legalising sin and putting aside all the Christian values that were the fortified foundations of this country for centuries. We are all seeing with our own eyes what is happening when we entertain sin and evil in our midst. This does not happen over night but evil will infiltrate any area of society in a subtle way till one day we face the harsh reality that there is no point of return.
Now is the time that we who base our lives on Christian morals and values to rise up and make a stand. Each and every one is an influencing agent, impacting the lives of those around us wherever we go, every one can do his or her bid. Hiding our values today will result in a catastrophe tomorrow. So let us make every effort to share our core values in love but in an assertive way. The world needs the Church (Followers of Jesus) to get out of this chaos. You are the church, start acting now.