“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.” (Jesus – John 7:24)

Many including Christians judge by appearance and most of the time it is not based on a personal encounter but on a third party’s opinion. In this scripture Jesus was addressing the pharasees but is also addressing us the church. 

A word less about someone else is better than a extra word. Once words come out of the mouth, they are like a dandelion in the wind. It will spread fast and it would be impossible to collect it back.

So let us all focus on the motives and make sure that whatever we speak, it has only one aim, that is to build up one an other. 

It is all about the Kingdom of God and not about our personal agenda.

Time for some self-examination, using the Bible as the light to expose all blemishes and allowing the Holy spirit to restore and mend all cracks in our life to seal away any chance the enemy to penetrate our lives and set a stronghold.