Exposing Luke 9:57-62

We here find three types of persons whom Jesus met, who either desiresd or He called to become His disciples.

1st Case

An eager person who was touched by the powerful teaching of Jesus, who felt the urge to follow Jesus wherever he goes. In this instant Jesus invited the eager to be disciple to count the costs before commiting. 

Thought: Following Jesus is a lifelong commitment, it should become a lifestyle. A marathon and not a 100 meter race. This entails enduring hardship and keeping focused on the goal towards the eternal Prize. The good news is that we are not left alone to endure all this but Jesus vested us with the power of the Holy spirit to move forth with power and be more than overcomers.

2nd Case

This time Jesus was the one who invited this person to become His disciple. He asked Jesus to allow him to first go and bury his father. Most peobably his father was still alive otherwise he would not be by Jesus’s side but would be busy with the burial. Jesus identified this as a delay to commit.

Thought: Jesus is asking you to follow HIM. Are you finding an excuse or excuses not to follow HIM?  Procrastinating can be fatal especially when we do not know our lives’ expiry date. Delaying is a sign of an undecided heart. Therefore you need to question your relationship with Jesus, ask God for a revelation of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and to go and proclaim the good news to those who are still searching.

3rd Case

“Let me go and say goodbye to my family” was the answer of another person Jesus had called to become His disciple.

Jesus’s feedback was explicit and by using the analogy of a farmer plowing, he made it clear that we cannot look backwards and plow in a straight line at the same time.

Thought: We cannot serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). Becoming a disciple of Christ entails surrendering all, allow the Holy Spirit to release you from the chains of this world and remain free in Christ, meaning that you will never want to go back to those chains but press forward to go from level to level into your relationship with Christ. The ultimate fulfillment of life.

Heavenly Father , now that we know about the cost of being a disciple of Christ, change this from knowledge in the head to a revealing power in the heart, knowing that the cost of discipleship is negligent when compared to the great  undeserved awards you have in store for us. Help us move forth in faith as we tap in your amazing power and grace. In Your Son’s precious Name Jesus we pray, Amen