But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

(Isaiah 53:5)

Still my mind cannot comprehend what Jesus being the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords did for us on the cross. My mind cannot come to terms with the fact that He who is above all, able to do anything, anytime designed salvation to be this way.

Many say, ” Why is God allowing tragic events such as the Paris and Brussels attacks happen.” I say, God did not even lift up suffering from His only begotten Son Jesus, because all that was temporary but essential to break the curse of sin and death on our behalf.” Same reasoning goes to all the pain and injustice we are or will be passing through, it is all temporary and if we cling to our anchor of Salvation till the very end, He is rewards are eternal. (see James 1:12)

He loves us so much that He gave us a free will. This is because God wants us to choose  to love HIM and not impose obedience over us. Having a free will man can choose to do anything they like and are prone to be deceived, thinking that they are giving a service to God but really an truly they would be playing as puppets in Satan’s hands.

God is not asking us to die for HIM, He was the one to do this for us, to set us free from sin and its consequence, eternal death. (see John 3:16)

Turn your cry to Jesus, repent from your sins and surrender you will to HIM, even though He never promised a pain free life here in this world, He did promise an eternal life free from all injustice, pain and daily struggles and also comfort and strength to help us pass through all the moments which this world throws against us. (see Rev 21:4)