cross - valletta

I love this picture, depicting Malta’s foundational values and principles, which are being nibbled away legally. Let us lift our islands unto the Lord and pray for His light to destroy the principalities of darkness.

Heavenly Father, I pray for our nation Malta, a small island but with a great role in your plans as it was shown through your scriptures. We ask you Lord to protect this nation from the legalised violence which is being bombarded with to destroy the Christian foundational principles it has been fortified with. May you be our refuge and may the eyes of our leaders be opened so that they realise that they have been put there by you, specifically to lead your people towards and not set them apart from you. May Malta become a beacon of light in this world of darkness, may all your children rise up and declare your works to al those who are still roaming in darkness. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen.

Celebrating my 11th year in the Lord. Thank you for your saving grace my Lord, who saved a wretch like me.