Reflection taken from Barnes Commentary on Matthew chapter 8
The leprosy, the disease mentioned in this chapter, is a suitable representation of the nature of sin. Like that, sin is loathsome; it is deep fixed in the frame; penetrating every part of the system; working its way to the surface imperceptibly, but surely; loosing the joints, and consuming the sinews of moral action; and adhering to the system until it terminates in eternal death. It goes down from age to age. It shuts out men from the society of the pure in heaven; nor can man be admitted there until God has cleansed the soul by his Spirit, and man is made pure and whole.

Personal comment: This exposition gives us a deeper meaning to the seriousness of sin and warns us of its wages. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please help us receive a deeper meaning of the consequences of sin. Give us a deeper conviction of what it means to be in sin and its repercussions. Set our heart in anguish and make us thirst for righteousness and holiness. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.