‘but he did not accept Cain and his gift. This made Cain very angry, and he looked dejected.’ (Genesis 4:5)

Both Abel and Cain made an offering to God. While God accepted Abel’s offering, He rejected Cain’s. When I first read this scripture a while ago, I thought that the reason why God rejected Cain’s offering was because it was ‘cheaper’ than Abel’s, since Cain offered field produce while Abel offered a fattened portion of his flock firstborn. However later on I discover that was not the case.

God looks at the heart of each and everyone of us. He identified Abel’s offering as being one from the heart, an offer made to please God. On the other hand Cain performed his offering more as a ritual, just because he had to do it.

I believe that since we were young, all those who knew about this story would stereotype Abel as the good guy and Cain as the bad guy and therefore identify more with Abel. However our true interpretation should be based on an honest evaluation of our daily actions. We should ask ourselves, whom do we resemble mostly in our daily action, Abel or Cain?

Are we living as Paul encouraged us to live, as living sacrifices or are we just ritual (cosmetic) Christians?

What are we offering to God today? Is it a shallow offering with an empty meaning or is it coming from a repentant and grateful heart?

These are fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves so to avoid living a deceitful life.

Whatever our living status is, it is due time for us to stop acting as part time Christians and start living as true disciples of Christ. That is dethroning ourself and allow Christ Jesus to reign in our lives as we completely surrender to His glorious will.