That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” (James 4:6)

How many times you tried to share the good news about Jesus and found a opposing wall too high to overcome? Otherwise you might be the one who always found it incomprehensible to understand the message of the cross.

Which ever side you make part of, there is a biblical explanation to why all this is happening. The fact is that God will not reveal the truth to those who are not genuinely seeking it, or  those approaching the message with a solid mindset forged through years of indoctrination from a society,  which most of the time teaches contrary to what the Word of God states.

The Bible is not a common book, it is God’s heart speaking to the heart of man. Now if the receiving part adopts mind filters, they will not allow the true message to speak to the heart, therefore loosing its power to impact the life of the said person.

Approaching the Word of God with an open and humble heart are the two apertures of the gateway of truth. God will only impart His knowledge and wisdom to all those who approach HIM in a humble way.

This is an invitation to all those who are genuinely seeking the truth. Try asking God with an open heart, to reveal Himself to you in a real way. I can assure you that He is faithful enough to keep faithful to another promise “Come near to God and he will come near to you. ” (James 4:8)

Heavenly Father, my prayer is for all those who seek you with an open unbiased heart, you know oh Lord who they are, as you are never impressed by cosmetics but you look straight into the heart of a person. Lead their paths so that they too can come and drink from your fountain of living water. In Jesus mighty Name I pray. Amen