God was about to destroy everything which had breath because of the corruption the world experienced, yet for a faithful one He said, “Let there be a new beginning!” (Genesis 6 Msg)

How many times we have made promises which we never kept to God, others and even to ourselves?

These failures all leave a mark into our morale and one after the other became like building blocks of condemnation, attached to our daily attitude. Living under condemnation is what is holding many of us from fully experiencing the love and power of God in our lives.

Rightly so, we often focus on John 3:16 which is the essence of the Gospel but the following verse is very much important and key in today’s message. “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3:17)

Living under condemnation is were satan wants us to be. He does not want us to see God’s glory manifest through us, he wants us to be powerless, weak so that we will not pose a threat to his kingdom.

On the other hand, Jesus came not only to save you but to set you free from your past and to take hold of HIS promises as they materialise in your daily being.

As with Noah, God wants to start a new beginning with you and with all those who willingly want to surrender their lives to Him. What’s past is past, the moment we repent from our old ways and sins and surrender our lives to Jesus, we are allowing God to fill us with the power from above, it is not just any power, it is the power which rose Jesus from the death, the power of the Holy Spirit.

Noah had two options. The first being, not believing the message from God with the consequence that he would have been swept away with all the others or else obey the message from God and acting according to what was instructed. This did not only save him but life on earth.

So while the whole world is in awe for having found a puddle on Mars (great discovery of course), we are loosing the whole point of life on this earth, that is to discover our true purpose, which is an eternal one built on God’s promise of eternal life in His holy presence, that place were there is no injustice, no condemnation, no sin and sickness, no heaviness but just the God kind of peace and everlasting serenity.

God has much more for you than you have right now. Faith and obedience in HIS Word are key, the rest are wonders of a glorious and majestic God….