I praise God maker of heaven and earth and rejoice in His Salvation. All I have and all I want is in you Lord. You make my life complete, you are my fortress in whom I take refuge, when I am in you, I feel like lying into green pastures, secure, at peace and refreshed. The joy of my soul is in you oh Lord. I pray for the nations my heavenly father. Especially for those nations who were founded on your Word as principles. It seems that these nations are being currently lead by people who are being manipulated by the enemy. I pray for a spirit of conviction to open their eyes so that they can realise what they are doing, repent and surrender their lives to you. Othrwise Lord should they persist in evil, please replace them with your people so that they can lead these nations under the shelter of your wings.
May the hidden be exposed, may all the evil schemes be made futile in Jesus Name. May your promises in your word oh Lord be the strength and comfort of the afflicted and persecuted brethren. May it become the light into the path of the lost.
I thank you Lord for being present in such a time like this and thank you for raising up an army who will never succumb to worldly pressures.
May your Kingdom come and may your will be done. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.