Reflection of 2 Peter chapter 3

The Lord does not slack….

We want everything promptly, impatiently, this is the society we are living in. If God reasoned the same as we do, we would all perish. 

How many times we promised God that we will honour His Name, only to find ourselves doing our habitual sin or delaying day after day the promise we made to Him?
God is delaying The 2nd coming of Christ for 2 reasons. The first being He does not want that anyone would perish, therefore lovingly He is still hoping that many would turn to HIM and repent from their sins (2 Peter 3:9). Secondly He wants Christ’s bride to be ready. That is you and me. Are we truly ready? In other words, are we being found toiling in the Lord’s fields? Or are we passive knowledge keepers? If we are found to be the latter, we would be heading for a large eternal disappointment.
God is waiting for all the World to hear about the Gospel, then the end will come (Mat 24:14). This means that He is waiting for you and me to share the good news about Jesus and be His banner where ever we go.
God wants to find a labouring holy bride. Will you be counted in as part of the true church which would be at peace, without spot and blameless? (2 Peter 3:14)