Instead of engulfing ourselves in endless theological studies and just talking about ways to do things , the time is ripe and the clock has been already ticking for quite a while now for us the church to be out there to share the truth to all those who are still searching.
There is no more room for church internalisation, we need to outreach and the few workers the church has, have to be focused on sharing the good news about Jesus. This is not an attack against studies as they are needed to feed the new souls in Christ, but it is rather an encouragement to concentrate more on feeding others rather than over feeding ourselves.
We have a great commission to execute….go and make disciples of all nation……

Heavenly Father my prayer is for all the church members all over the world, I pray for a compelling spirit to fall on every believer to engraft the need in every heart to share the good news about Jesus, give us a deeper insight of your anguish for the Lost, help us to understand that time is precious and give us a sense of urgency to share the word without ceasing….
All this I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ….Amen