Reflecting on Psalm 31
Most of us Christian westerners do not appreciate the depth of such a psalm because we never encountered true persecution, or we were at most insulted or ignored by people who do not share our faith.

As I was mediating on this Psalm, persecuted Christians in the rest of the world came heavy on my heart and I could feel their burden. It also dawned on me the importance of such words of comfort coming our from a fellow brother (David) who was experiencing persecution with a similar intensity and how he just poured himself out to the Lord declaring His full dependency on Him.

Anti Christian pressure around the globe is intensifying, and our ‘comfortable’ life as we know it can change from one day to the other. We as Christians will be challenged to either comform with a pluralistic society and therefore be silenced in sharing our faith or else we stand up as true Christians and boldly stick to the truth, knowing that persection in various forms will come.

I know that many of you Christians love the Lord, but it takes more than love as we know it, we need a surrendering love as David showed in the Psalm. We need to declare with our lives that He is Lord. To be able to come to that place, we need to prepare ourselves. Doing this by spending increasing time with the Lord in bible reading and mediation, spending time seeking God through prayer and learning to live a life of worship. This entails becoming bold enough to share the Word of God with all those around you, now that you can do it freely.

All ‘part-time’ Christians will not make it through such a time and therefore the time you now have in your hands is precious, use it to come closer to God and to allow the Holy Spirit to forge you into a tool, which the Lord will use for His glory. Tomorrow is too late, start doing it today, right now.

Heavenly Father, I glorify your Holy Name, I worship you for who you are and thank you for being our refuge. We pray first and foremost for our dear brethren who are suffering and being persecuted for Your Name, help them endure this time by reminding them the glory that is awaiting them back home, the place you prepared for all your faithful ones.

I also pray for the rest of us who need to understand in more depth the time that we are living in.  A time of preparation to what is to come, a time were idleness can be fatal. Speak into our hearts and burn a great desire to get closer to you so that can perceive your will. We thank you Lord for giving us a time to prepare, a privilege denied to many especially in the middle east. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.