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The time is coming and indeed is already here that we as Christians will not be allowed to perform the great commission given to us by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Mat 28:19-20), that is to make disciples of all nations….. Sharing the Word of God, even if it is done in all the love of the world and without imposing on anyone, will soon become something illegal and we will be viewed as a threat to society.

For the majority of the countries in the western side of the world, it is legal to share your faith/views, but as we can see this can and will be changing very soon. What are we called to do as Christians?

First of all pray about this uprising situation. We certainly need God’s wisdom and strength to live a Christian life in times like these.

We as Christians are called to obey the government’s laws and be ideal citizens to give a testimony of our faith in Jesus, however obedience does not apply to anything which attacks the Word of God. We should be first faithful to God and not to men. This means that no one should stop us from sharing God’s word and His good news of salvation, even if it means, prison, torture or even death. God forbid we come to all this but it can happen and if such laws are passed we might live them in this generation.

Another important ongoing task we need to do is increase our intimate time with the Lord, we need to nourish our relationship with God, spending more meaningful time in HIS presence and in HIS service towards others, this will stir up our God given gifts and will boost our faith which will help us live a life pleasing to God.

As Christians, we have to learn to say No to all ungodly activity and be set apart for God’s glory, in other words seek holiness as the most important aspect of our life. Having brittled foundations today will result in a fall when things get spiritually and even physically tough. Make Jesus THE ROCK as your foundation today, right now!

Use all the time you have available today, that you can freely speak, to share the Word of God, let’s make the most of it. Pray to God to give you that sense of urgency to do it constantly and effectively.

Do not be a part time Christian, not even a full time one, but be an all the time Christian

Do not be a part time Christian, not even a full time one, but be an all the time Christian. Christ gave His ALL to you to be ALL His, there is no such person as a par time Christian, if 15% of you is still living the world than Christ is not your master (Matthew 10:37)

My invitation to you is to get geared up, the time is pressing, let us make sure we are on God’s side and we are totally HIS, because only HE can drive us through such times, in Christ’s victory we stand and be victorious, I count to see you too in the finishing line of this world and in the gates of the one to come 🙂