Reflection taken from Psalm 13

If you are living in this world, then you will certainly identify yourself with the fact that there will be times when you just feel alone, betrayed, crushed, persecuted, treated unjustly. Some of us even turn to God in such instances and ask him why me, or why are you not answering me?

Before turning to God, we need to be sure that our lifestyle is being lived around Jesus allowing the Lord to transform us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Not a perfect sinless life, but a life which is intended to glorify God and when we do ‘slip’ in sin, we would be determined not to sin anymore and strive to allow the Holy Spirit to take over that weakness, transforming us into Christ likeness. If we are not living such a life, then turning to God in times of trouble will result to be futile.

On the other hand if your life reflects the love of God, I have good relieving news for you, you might be pressed down with your current circumstance and pain is unbearable, just as the psalmist was, yet He focused on what was HIS and no one in this world can ever take away from him, in verse 5 he states But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.”

Yes we have a blessed assurance of salvation, therefore what you are living now is just temporary. God is perfecting you through this trial and remember, He gives the greatest trials to His greatest warriors. So rejoice my dear friend, you are already a winner over your circumstance. Giving up is not an option as the victory is already yours, the radiant, relieving love of God is there, just start praising HIS glorious Name, He is faithful enough to bring you that comfort that you are so much longing for.

You are His precious child and He will not allow more than you can bear.