I am one of those blessed persons who could for at least one more time wish my mother a happy mother’s day. We sometimes take all this for granted but once a person is missing in your life, you would want to just have that single opportunity to say something to him or her.

So value people and make every second count is of utmost importance, not to regret it for the rest of your life, when that opportunity ceases to exist.

Discussing about missed opportunities, how about missing the train towards eternity? We are living in what we call the grace period. A time in which we can make the single, most important decision we can ever take. Not taking this decision will not only result in a lifetime regret but it will be a remorse for eternity. Jesus himself speaks about it when he tells the story of Lazarus and the Rich man (Luke 16:19-31).

We are not even in control of the moment we are living, so do not procrastinate, when you can take the decision right now. Jesus is you only hope of salvation. All else will fade away. You are an eternal being, you will not just die and all will end. Whom you decide to serve today, will determine your eternity.

I chose life, eternal life, I chose Jesus, the life giver, the One who took my sin and shame on HIM and took God’s wrath, that wrath which I deserved, on HIM so that I would be made clean so that I can be able to approach God’s throne. Not because I deserve it but because of God’s grace.

Tomorrow might be too late, act now !

Heavenly Father and gracious God. I just want to lift up all those reading this reflection. I pray that you would touch their heart and convict it for them as I know that only you are able to provide them with salvation. Any other human philosophy will fail but your Word will remain. Therefore, give them the zeal to love your Word and instructions so that they will too have the assurance of eternal life thanks to your SON Jesus. I pray and intercede for them in JESUS precious Name !!….Amen

Dedicated to Anthony, my brother in the Lord who set a train of thought in my mind to come up with this reflection.