Christ should be at the centre of all we do as we press forward towards the Goal of eternal life being already citizens of heaven. So let us rejoice in the Lord, be united in prayer and meditate on what is right and holy. This will help us put other’s needs before ours.

In whatever circumstance we are in, we should rejoice in the Lord, knowing that all is temporary but what awaits us is eternal. Living in Christ gives the assurance of an eternal victory, knowing that the best is still yet to come. This is what Jesus is offering us today.

My question is, in what are you investing your security?

If the answer is Jesus, there is a reason to rejoice at all times both in the low and high side of life as you know that the unachievable by human means has been achieved through Christ’s death and resurrection.

Heavenly Father, there is a reason to sing and rejoice in Christ as we know that you gave us victory through Him. This makes our current problem temporary, just for a season and therefore we rejoice because we know that the best is yet to come and there will be a day when there will be no more pain and no more tears. Thank you Father for making all this possible through your Son Jesus. In His glorious Name we pray and give thanks. Amen