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While some Christian brethren waste time arguing about the nuts and bolts of Christianity which lead to futility, there are other brethren who are living and experiencing the living Word of God. A testimony of a brother from Egypt, who had his two brothers killed by ISIS, expressing his great joy in the midst of persecution and is able to pray for the ISIS members for the Lord to open their eyes. A mother who has just been robbed off her two precious children, stating that if she met an ISIS member she will pray for his eyes to be opened and to thank Him for aiding in opening the way for them towards the Kingdom of heaven.

So much peace in the eye of the storm, how can this ever be something achieved by human ability? It is thanks to the love of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of an all loving Father to give all this strength to such hard beaten brethren. This is what we Christians who are living on the cushiony side of the world, should be sharing and praising God for.

I praise God my Lord for strengthening my dear brethren who are being tormented and crushed but at the same time renewed like the eagle buy the power of the Holy Spirit.