“Conscience is the internal perception of God’s moral Law” (Oswald Chambers)

You do not need to know the 10 commandments which are written in the Bible to know that killing or stealing is wrong, you can go in any culture, or tribe around the world and everyone will acknowledge that. This is because as described in the above quote by Oswald Chambers, God imprinted the moral law into our hearts.

When we are living in sin the conscience becomes a nauseating factor in our life as it is going against what we delight in. By time as we continue to harden our hearts and continue into habitual sin, the conscience’s convincing power will start to fade away. This is because we would be callousing our hearts and therefore its ‘pinch’ will be less felt.

Satan’s strategy is to make all that is possible so that the conscience within you will become numb and therefore you will not have any resistance againstĀ living a life in sin, which means that you are furthering yourself from God.

This reflection is intended for you to examine yourself. I do recommend to read the 10 commandments (Exodus Chapter 20) and ask the Holy Sprit to convict your heart and make you realise that unless you repent and turn away from your sins, you will be heading to a spiral downfall which will lead you to a sure eternal damnation. No one is able to keep the perfect Law of God and that is why you need Jesus in your life, because only through His perfect sacrifice you are able to enter in the Kingdom of God.

If you are right now saying that I am trying to impart fear in you to manipulate your thinking. Let me say this clear. I do want to impart fear in your because you should be afraid of eternal damnation. Hell was not designed by God for you to be there, it was create for Satan and the other demons. God prepared for you a place were there will be no more suffering, injustice, sickness but only joy and happiness. However, if we do not repent and turn to God through Jesus Christ who is the only one qualified to take away our sins, we will not be able to make it to eternal life.

Now is the time, tomorrow is not yours.