Everyday is a day in which we should thank God not just for what He provides but for the fact that He saved us from a sure eternal damnation as we all fell short from His glory, meaning that we are all sinners and all deserve eternal punishment. This is not because we did something wrong but we were born in that state, corrupted with sin and our natural is sinful and therefore we can never achieve salvation on our own because we can never satisfy a perfect Law coming from a perfect God. but the good news is JESUS, He was the one who took upon himself the penalty of our sins so that God’s wrath against sin could be satisfied thus fulfilling on our behalf the well deserved punishment reserved for us. Jesus could do it because He is God and therefore well qualified to be the only perfect sacrifice.

What did this sacrifice bring? It brought a way to eternal life, and thus the reason why all who believe in the Son of God will have eternal life. So now is the time to repent and turn from our old ways and ask Jesus in our lives and start living a life which gives glory to God in all we do……..

Jesus did not promise a hassle free life, on the contrary he said that we will be persecuted and they will hate us for remaining in HIM and only by knowing that we are desperately dependent on JESUS we can truly hold strong to HIM during the hard ride of life. As according to the Word of God, only those who persevere till the end will make it to eternal life (Mat 24:13)