Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

Acts 4:12

Humanity always manages to complicate what God tries to makes simple. When we see the life we live in, we literally became slaves of our lifestyles, having to over work ourselves for a living. This leads to several complications like stress, anger, depression and other illness which the body uses to voice out that this is not the condition and terms it was meant to be used.

This fact not only is happening with our physical life but also with our spiritual one. Every person needs to be fulfilled spiritually, this describes the million and 1 religions and spiritual ideologies we have today in our midst. Every one trying to find that customised God which fits their bill. The sad news is that all these ideologies might give you a temporary good feel factor because they are satisfying the flesh and relaxing the soul but will never be able to give you an eternal fulfilment. The reason for not doing so is very simple. They are not in line with what the creator intended them to be.

Personally the best ever step I have made for my progression is going back to basics and discover a relationship with Jesus the way HE intended it to be. To do this I had to cut off all the tradition and doctrine I have been stuffed with throughout my life. I had my difficult moments because tradition and culture are a big part of the person’s character build up and form part of the identity of that same person, however when you taste Jesus in a real way, all things that come into the way between your new relationship with HIM will become delightful ‘giveaways’.

God truly made it simple for us to go back to HIM. He did not ask us to do endless ceremonies, or asked us to pass through meters of ardent coals. He is simply but effectively saying, “Come to me through the sacrifice of my beloved SON JESUS.”

Accepting JESUS as Lord and Saviour and following HIS way is all you need to go back to basics, that is to the place God intended for us all in the first place. A place where there will be no sufferings, no tears but just everlasting fulfilment in the presence of the Lord, free from the struggle against sin and all its consequences. An image of a life to come which is too great for us to comprehend. For now God is showing your THE WAY. Accept Jesus in your life do not let the only train towards Eternity pass you by.