“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.” Jesus in Luke 14:26

How can Jesus speak about hate when He is portrayed and acknowledged by many as love. Can love and hate co-exist? Doesn’t love mean to accept anybody and anything, for the sake of peace and serenity?

Many would say, “This is so confusing.” You have two choices right now in front of you. 1. You can either give up thinking about it and continue your life or 2. Read this and sincerely reflect about the contrast Jesus is challenging you with today, in the situation you are currently facing.

God being the creator of all, created a special and sacred place within us all – The God place. This is that place in which ones finds true purpose and fulfilment. This place cannot remain empty and being made by God, it should rightfully be occupied by HIM. Since this sacred place cannot remain empty, failure to accept our dependency on Jesus (The creator and owner of this place), we will fill it with a God substitute.

This kind of substitute comes in various forms and shapes. It can be your career, your family, you husband or wife, your children, love for money, love for power, hobby, love for self pleasure etc….In other words all those things that take the place of God. What I am calling God substitutes will certainly bring contentment, fulfilment and a great dose of pleasure but you will soon discover if not yet discovered that all this will be temporary. It is fit to tell that when speaking about an eternal God, even a lifetime is temporary.

These God’s substitutes will at one point fail you. if not during your life time, they will certainly do at the point of death, because they will have no longer effect over you as they will be gone once and for all and then you have to face the true owner of that sacred place.

Using substitutes instead of the original explains, these million and 1 religions and ideologies, depressions, divorces, suicides and may other ill facts.

That is why Jesus is using such a sharp contrast in  Luke 14:26. because in order for you to discover your true life purpose and everlasting fulfilment, He must be the only one filling that special and exclusive place in your heart, even to the point of having to go against what today you feel are the most valuable things in your life. If those things or persons are holding you back from allowing Jesus to take His place within you, then you have to hate them, that is eradicate them from your life and deny them the faculty to interfere with your relationship with the only One who can give you eternal life. All this cannot be understood unless you truly value your life and value its creator. You were not created it for a 100 years but to live for eternity. Now you know, act on it and do not leave it until tomorrow, because tomorrow might never come.

For what does it benefit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his life? (Jesus in Mark 8:36)

Reflection triggered by a life changing book by the name of “Desperate Dependency by J.Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis”