Our enemy Satan, is delighted just see us just sitting in church, he is also very content to see us raise our hands during worship songs…and than go home and keep our normal day to day routine, living in the world and like the world. With such a lifestyle we will be the delight of his heart as he knows that such a lifestyle will make us eventually slide back to an even worse state than before with the consequence of spending eternity in the place God prepared for the same Satan.

Accepting Jesus in our lives should have been the turning point of our lives. The Lord through His amazing grace, transferred us from the kingdom of the enemy to His kingdom. We are no longer to please our former master but we are to seek to please the One who gave us eternal life.

Therefore slumber and inactivity in our Christian lifestyle cannot make part of us any longer. If you have been in such a status quo, be encouraged. God is still giving you another chance to come to terms with your new reality as a Christian. The old has gone and the new has come (2 Cor 5:17).

Let us start by going on our knees, asking God for forgiveness and to give us the fire within to start this new exciting life to serve HIM. Ask the Lord to show you what is your calling, in the mean time, do not just wait, but start serving in any area your local church has a need in, make yourself useful for the kingdom.Talking about cars, Pastor Joe said a couple of Sundays ago “You can easily direct a car when in motion, and so it is with our spiritual life. If we are active and spiritually in motion, God will direct our paths accordingly.” This is because we will be allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us and therefore, we will allow Him to speak to our humbled hearts and rest assured that the direction will be given to you as clear as crystal.

Time for you and me to shine for the Lord. Let us do this together as one body to allow the Lord to take us into a new level in our relationship with HIM, always with our focused fixed on the end goal. That place He prepared for us which words cannot describe and our minds are too limited to imagine its glory and beauty.