Its true that ALS Association is collecting funds for the research to fight ALS and that is honourable, however when supporting this association you are also funding Embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells, as their name suggests, are derived from human embryos. In order to harvest embryonic stem cells, an embryo must be destroyed. Central to the debate, then, is our view of the human embryo. The biblical teaching is that human existence begins at conception (Psalm 139:13-16;Jeremiah 1:4-5). The international consensus of embryologists agrees with Scripture in that life begins at fertilization. At the moment of conception, the embryo is 100 percent human, with all 46 human chromosomes and a fully functioning, unique genetic code. Size and location do not determine humanity.

Because research on embryonic stem cells requires the destruction of a living human being, it is against God’s will. No amount of promised “benefit” to society or to medical knowledge can justify the killing of a human for spare parts. The end does not justify the means. It is never ethical—in fact, it is morally reprehensible—to mark people for death in order to conduct utilitarian experiments on their body parts. (

Due to this fact I gladly support other organisations such as the hospice movement who are truly supporting patients suffering from ALS and not the ALS association who provides the service for Embryonic stem cells.

To endorse my claim please click on this link from the ALS Association’s website

Many will call me a spoil sport, but I rather obey God than men….