In Jerusalem the anchor church produced people who were “earth shakers,” turning the world “upside down” or better “right side up.” They knew little of material or academic resources, but they knew their God and they accomplished great things in HIS Name. (D.R. Guynes, 1996)
Empowered by their personal testimony about Jesus and most of all by the counsellor, the Holy Spirit, what were once a bunch of fearful and disorientated men and women of God closed in a room, became agents of the Most High proclaiming the message of salvation to the whole world till the point of death.
There is no better testimony than this. No men made phycological boost could ever have accomplished this. It had to be imparted by the supernatural, The Holy Spirit, the same spirit which rose Christ from the dead, gave life to the church to perform its mission, to proclaim Jesus to the world, her only hope of salvation.
When we see today’s church compared with this very first church in the book of Acts we see there is  a big discrepancy, we are today relying more on human wisdom than on the power of the Holy Spirit and living for Jesus is an add on and not our way of life.
This is a call to go back to basics. It has to start from each and everyone of us on our knees in front of the throne of grace and ask God for forgiveness for not allowing HIM to use us according to His perfect will, then we have to allow HIM to make us ‘earth shakers’ this might sound a bombastic word but who can truly limit the Holy Spirit from accomplishing this in our lives? The answer is: Only we can limit HIM. Yes most of the time we are our own worst enemies.
Today is the day in which we have to take a stance in our lives. So let us empty ourselves and let God re-fill us with HIS power and cleanse us from all the filth which is obfuscating our focus on Jesus.
Through our personal commitment and zeal to obey God’s will, we can achieve all this as individual temples of the Holy Spirit and subsequently as a the body of Christ. Revival starts in you…..