I speak to a lot of people who say that are Christians and when I touch the argument about whether they read the Bible, they stammer and most of the time they say that they do not understand it.

I really do understand their point of view because for me before I accepted Jesus in my life as my Saviour, I too felt that the Bible is somewhat like a stumbling block or sort of an out dated book which have a bunch of stories which are not applicable for today’s ‘modern’ world.

As stated all changed when I accepted Jesus in my life as my Lord and Saviour. My attitude towards the Bible changed as the very first thing that you realise when accepting Jesus in your life is that you are totally dependent on HIM and that all things where created by HIM and for HIS glory. Therefore I surrendered my plans, purpose and all my being to HIM and that act made me experience for the very first time the true meaning of what it means to be humble.

Through a humble attitude and by God’s amazing grace through His Son Jesus I could access the throne of grace and felt attracted to read the Word of God, knowing that in there I could find God’s true will and through it I could know more God. A natural consequence to a starting relationship, that is getting to know the person more. 

There are many biblical examples of similar experiences that men and women of God experienced God’s insight after a humbling experience. For example, Peter humbled by the rooster episode and Paul – the apostle of grace, humbled by Christ on his way to Damascus and made him understand that it is not by His own knowledge that he can be successful in His ministry but by God’s grace.

So if till today you are still not understanding the Bible or feel it is not for today, I invite you to ask God to help you understand more. Humble yourself in HIs presence, ask for His wisdom to overshadow you. He is faithful enough to answer to your prayer.

Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honour and life. (NIV, Proverbs 22:4)