A gentleman on facebook made a statement this morning that religions are dangerous. I see his point and when viewing what’s happening around us in the world I can say that I am in agreement with this reasoning. However this line of thought had to be developed further….

One has to define the term religion. Religion is a strong believe in something making it your standard. It need not be a spiritual thing and therefore every person has his or her own religion. I agree that fanatism and man made religion is very dangerous because they are based on self ambition and willingness to impose one’s believe over others.

My religion is not based on such motives as it is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship which started by HIM loving me first by dying on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins and for all those who believe him. This shows that the motives of this relationship is based on selflessness rather than selfish ambition. I am sure that by now you are appreciating the contrast. A relationship with Jesus fills your heart with love for God and for others as your purpose would not be a temporary one but would be fixed on the ultimate goal which Jesus made available through His death and resurrection that is eternal life. That is why Jesus said that the two most important commandaments are love your God will all your being and love your neighbour as yourself. A point to stress out is the term love is not the love this world has to offer but the kind if love that is unconditional, coming from above and to love God means to obey His commands and submit to them.

Therefore it is time for us all to reflect, understand who Jesus is and what He made available for us. Then repent and turn from our sins and old life. A new life is ahead of you, filled with love, inner peace and eternal purpose.

God bless you all