“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”


(John 15:12-13)

What’s love?

  • Love means, appreciating what you currently have not longing for what your don’t.
  • Love means thanking God for waking up beside your wife or husband and thanking Him for the blessed opportunity to share your life with your other half and do whatever you can to add value to his/her life. Using the differences you have as an exercise of grace towards each other.
  • Love means accepting, loving and do what you can to help a colleague who just took your well deserved promotion.
  • Love means, not buying your dream car for which you have been saving for a life time to help your children in furthering their education and help them become God fearing adults through your loving sacrifice.
  • Love means spending time with those who lack affection and knowing that they can never repay you back.
  • Love means forgiving someone who rejected you and created deep scares in your heart.
  • You can keep on listing your life experiences as I am sure it is never ending…….

 That kind of love which is not of human origin but which is the AGAPE kind of love. That is the God kind of unconditional love. The kind of love which we can never experience ourselves unless it is imparted to us by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, let us surrender our lives to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to remove the dross (the anger, the sorrow, the bitterness, the desire for revenge, the hurt) from our hearts and replace it with HIS amazing love. We would be then able to live the God kind of life in Christ likeness and be the true light of the world.

May you all have a blessed day full of opportunities to show the love of Jesus to each other and to all those who are still seeking. Jesus loves you and the least we can do is love him back through obedience to His life saving Word and the love we radiate unto others.