“The Lord said to Moses, Why do you cry to Me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.”

Exodus 14:15

The Lord told Moses and his people not to just cry (and petition) but to go forward. Many times we just surrender to the difficulty and succumb to it. God is tell us today, take courage, rise up and thrust forward in faith for I am with you and you will see great signs and wonders happening in your life.

We just have to believe in who God really is and what He made available to us through His Son Jesus Christ. Unless we are determined to trust in HIM and follow Him in all our ways, we can never experience the endless benefits He is so willing to shower us with.

Not reaping benefits from Gods grace is like having a 100 million Euro cheque in your drawer and never cash it.

Do not waste more precious time, it is time to Go Forward, leaving behind the chains that are holding you back from fully experiencing God’s amazing will and promises. The benefits are so enormous that it is worthwhile changing the way we think, act and react to life situations. Being transformed into Christ likeness is the Key. Today is the day as there can be no tomorrow for you and me.