The type of leader God uses should have the following characteristics:

1. Purpose – Has a great purpose in life (Phil 3:7-14).

2. Hindrance – Has by God’s grace, removed any hindrance (habitual sin) from his life.

3. Disposal – Has placed himself absolutely at God’s disposal.

4. Prayer – Has learned how to prevail in prayer.

5. God’s Word – Is a student of God’s Word.

6. Message – Has a vital, life-changing Message for a lost world.

7. Faith – Has a faith that expects results.

8. Serve – Choose to serve in attitude and action.

9. Gifts – Stirs up the gifts in themselves and others.

10. Secure – Is secure enough to empower others.

11. Anointing – Lives under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

12. Example – Has chosen to be an example before he leads others.


If your were to evaluate yourself, how do you feel you would rank on the area of character? How is your leader’s heart?


What are some activities and/or disciplines you could apply in your life in order to develop a stronger character?

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