Today I had the blessed and wonderful opportunity to attend to a 3 hour session about Christian Counselling organised by brother Earl Pinkston and other brethren from Knisja Evangelika Battista Malta who introduced us to a group of missionaries from the US. Among these wonderful missionaries, we were introduced to a couple of professional Christian counsellors Kirk and Melanie. I immediately could perceive their heart is all for people and to see many more people embrace Jesus. It particularly struck me the emphasis the did on the statement that “without Jesus life cannot be functional.” With this in mind they wrote “Desperate Dependency” which cover step by step the whole process of how Christian counselling should be.

A book which I look forward to read and use as a constant reference in my ministry to others. For more information, I am including hereunder the link to their website.

I praise God for sending HIS people among us to teach us and encourage us to help people with tools that makes our service for the Lord and others much more efficient.

Alton Costa