Anxiety, stress, depression, solitude, relationship problems, financial pressures, sickness, betrayal……

The list of life hazards is endless and some time or another we face most of them in our lives. At times we just let them slide and move on but most of the time, we allow them to take control of our being. This often results in anger, frustration, depression and eventually deep hatred.

No wonder as yesterday I heard in the news that Anti depressants are on the rise !

Jesus here through this scripture is offering much more than anti depressants. Through His dead and resurrection He is offering to all those who believe (put their trust and follow HIM) in Him the solution to overcome, that is go through these situations victoriously.

Therefore, Jesus is not only offering you eternal life, which is already the greatest gift ever, but also solutions to live this life with a much lighter burden (Matthew 11:28) and with His joy in the core of your existence.

Do you have all this today? Now you know that Jesus is your answer 🙂