And [Jesus] charged him to tell no one [ that he might chance to meet], until [He said] you go and show yourself to the priest, and make an offering for your purification, as Moses commanded, for a testimony and proof to the people, that they may have evidence [of your healing. (Luke 5:14)

One of the reasons why Jesus did not want anyone to know about such miracles at that particular time is because it would hinder HIM to freely move form one place to the other as too much attention will be drawn to Him, both from the well wishers and from those who have evil intentions. That would drastically reduce His chance to minister effectively.

Life Lesson: Is there anything we are doing in our daily living which is hindering our ministry (service) to the Lord and unto others? Time here on earth is short, let us use it effectively, for the glory of God and to help others discover HIM (Jesus) who can give them eternal life.

Prayer: Father God, we thank you for giving us each and every day. Help us understand the importance to use each second of our lives as if it was our last one. If it was so we would not invest in the things of this life but would choose to make it fruitful for our eternal home. May we be the light and guidance to others as they too discover the amazing relationship one can have with You through your wonderful Son Jesus Christ. May we be people worthy to carry your Name and give You glory in all we do. In Jesus Name we pray…..Amen.