When in a family of four, three of them are women, you cannot but remember of this special day. This post is dedicated to all women especially those who are unloved, lonely, abused and neglected. To those that feel useless or degraded. To those women who have to do the work of both parents at the same time, all the time, when I think of the latter, I cannot not think about my precious mother Frida who raised me up practically on her own after my father passed away when I was only 6 yrs of age and doing the same with my dear sister (happy Women’s day to you too :)…….. Mum you are my hero!

I think of women’s day, I think about my precious wife Charmaine who showers us with her love though action on a daily basis. Taking care of all our needs, whether she is sick or not, no matter if she’s tired especially after a hard night shift. She keeps on striving to keep up with all the essential family needs. I cannot thank you and love you enough my endless love.

Since seven years ago, women’s day has another celebrant. My lovely daughter Chloe who gave a total different meaning to my life. Made me appreciate the love a father can feel and most of all made me realise and gave me a glimpse of how our Heavenly Father loves us and suffers for us the minute we decide to disobey Him.

I cannot leave out our Zoe, our two year old, lovely, noisy but cuddly pug. You deserve to be mentioned in this precious day, she is the first one to welcome me home and the last one to see me go with her big cute eyes fixed on me while closing the door.

To all women in the world, do know that us men can never completely understand what you pass through on a daily basis. Therefore that is why we sometimes seems to be in the moon when you try to explain us something. Please forgive our limited comprehension :). However I do know that there is a Man who does understand you even better than yourselves. This same Man passed through all kind of afflictions, injustice, torture, sadness, loneliness, abuse, neglect and therefore the minute you call His Name, He is there listening to your cries. Not only listening but He will comfort you because He is deeply understanding your pain and if you allow Him, He will certainly do something about it. You will never feel alone when you have Jesus in your life.

May all women have a blessed day and pray that you will open your heart to Jesus and find the comfort and unfailing love you so much deserve in your life.

God bless you all.