But you, man of God, flee from all this (evil doing), and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love,endurance and gentleness. (1Tim 6:11)

Most of us may not pass from the type of persecution our dear brethren passed during the first centuries when the church was born. We do not need to go that far, even today many of our dear brothers and sisters in the Lord are dying as martyrs in various areas of the world and a time of silence and prayer should always be part of our schedule for these precious people of God.

The rest of us are living in that part of the world were persecution is in the form of aggresive initiatives to remove God from society, ever increasing temptations in all imaginable forms, peer pressure. A living reality were sin is becoming the norm and truth is being classified as intolerance.

All this truly resonates the end times as explained in the Bible. Therefore living in times like these requires true MEN & WOMEN OF GOD (M.O.G. & W.O.G.), not made our of own ability but spiritually transformed but the power of the Holy Spirit. People who are daily dedicating themselves to the Word of God, prayer and service to the Lord’s Kingdom. A generation who fears the Lord and is bold to proclaim the truth in every circumstance. In other words set apart people an army of the Lord, the holy army.

There is no place for part time or cosmetic Christians. Jesus paid to much of a high price for us to play church. Time to act, time to set our house in order. Time to shun any trace of evil from our lives. It is time to allow the Holy Spirit move in our midst. A life were God is not just the number 1 priority but HE will becomes the only reason why we live, move and have our being, this means that all the other tasks we have in life will be forged through holiness and the love only God can engraft in our hearts.

We are a generation where the Lord’s anguish for the Lost should be a constant in our hearts. Feeling a big sense of urgency to proclaim the truth in love and boldness because every life out there is precious and deserves to at least have the opportunity to know about the Saviour of the World.

Are you ready to join the MOG & WOG army? Today is the day, speak out your heart, share your fears and concerns, tell us a testimony of how God is moving your life. Please encourage others through you comments.

May the Lord impart his zeal and passion in each of your hearts and may HIS light be reflected from you as darkness is destroy from every area of your lives and from everywhere you go.