For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

We are living in a society who demands and expects quick fixes, what we call the credit card society. If we do not have cash, no problem we can get credit and pay later. A quick fix to satiate our cravings. Many times we find this mentality present among the Christian community and it is one of the major reasons why new comers in the Kingdom of God backslide and go back to the world.

We pretend God to fix it at the instant. There are various reasons why God does not answer to the prayers of Christians and one of the major ones and in my opinion the most crucial one is written and explained in the above scripture in 2 Chronicles. God is constantly searching for the ones who are fully committed to Him and therefore we cannot blame God if our prayers are not answered, if we are using Him just as a ‘genie in the bottle’.

So it is so important brethren that we analyse ourselves in depth and ask ourselves, are we truly committed to God? Signs that we really are is by the way we live and whether God is present in our thoughts, plans and conversations. If He is not present in our daily being that means something is hindering that relationship to grow.

Remember, He will listen and act on the behalf of all those who are fully committed to HIM.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for today’s scripture. It makes us realise that there is no such thing as part time Christians. Your true child is the one who lays his/her life unto you and let you mould it and shape it into the likeness of your Son Jesus. Give us the wisdom to self analyse ourselves and the zeal and power to remove all those things which are hindering us to fully express ourselves in you. Experiencing you in a complete way is the fulfilment of a lifetime. Thank you for giving us all the tools to do so, in Jesus Name we praise you and pray….Amen.