Reflection inspired by Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

Since the day we are born, we are directly influenced by times and changes over which we have little or no control. Change is natural and it is natural for us to go from one level to another in our body, yes the natural consequence is growth. I am emphasising on the word ‘natural’ because it was designed and meant to be like that. On the other hand, if physical growth is not happening, then we have a problem, something is not working quite right.

So it is with our spiritual wellbeing. The moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are born again spiritually and since we now have this new life inside of us, the natural consequence of life should be growth. Going from one spiritual level to another.

If we are in a plateau or stagnant status in our relationship with God, then there is something wrong. Spiritual growth is not only essential to get closer to God and fulfil God’s plans but it is vital for us not to experience spiritual death.

God has an eternal plan that includes the purposes and activities and motivations, the Holy Spirit will work in and through us to accomplish God’s plans for us in perfect timing as long as we keep trusting him with the control of our lives and circumstances.

The moment we identified Jesus as our only means of salvation, we raised up our standard to a new level. Comparing to Jesus is comparing to perfection. One might say that we will never achieve perfection. In this world that is a true statement, but does that mean that we give up on that standard or should we strive to reach to get as close as possible to it?

In the Bible, especially in the new testament, the word ‘perfection’ means maturity not a perfect life. Maturity is a life time process. A life time progress is made up of various levels. God indeed has a time for everything and a season, are you trusting in HIM today?