Have you ever thought why the Bible states that we are God’s chosen people?

Didn’t we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour? Therefore we are the ones who chose Him. This is a common misconception which alters the way we approach the Lord in our attitude.

The fact is that Jesus provided a way through His death and resurrection while we were still sinners, in other words His enemies.

Therefore having provided a way, the minute we accept His unique gift, we become part of His chosen family
and heirs to His eternal Kingdom.

This biblical perspective should make us realise that it was God who honoured us with an undeserved salvation and not the other way round.

In light of this fact we are the ones who should be eternally grateful to our Saviour and this gratitude should be reflected in our being.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for opening our eyes and hearts to your undeniable truth. The fact you have chosen us should make us more appreciative as sometimes we do not show it in our actions. Help us Lord to reflect this appreciation in our daily living so that through the way we act, We can radiate your love unto others as they will be drawn to you to give you the glory your so much deserve.

In Jesus name we pray…..Amen