These last days I was going through the latter part of the book of Genesis (chapters 37-50). These chapters tells us the wonderful plan God had for Joseph and what would be the nation of Israel.

When you start to read the very first instances of the story, you would never even imagine that it would end up with such a glorious ending. It is so fascinating that one might think it is a nice fiction story. The good news is that we are here discussing history in the making.

Without entering into the detail of the story, today I wanted to point out one major factor, which allowed God to execute this wonderful salvation plan, Joseph’s unconditional faith in God. He had many situations in which he could just give up and loose faith but instead of letting go he grabbed to His only life assurance. Every time He just pressed on in faith, God promoted Him.

God indeed has plans for us too to prosper but are we allowing HIM to execute them in our lives or are we still doing it our own way? Faith is action and unless we let Go and let GOD have HIS way, we can never tap into what He has in store for us.

Yes most probably, things might start to look bad especially after we decided to commit ourselves to the Lord, let us remember that our enemy has a plan too for us that is to discourage us from following the plan of our Master, but today’s scripture is not just a saying but a wonderful promise, which Joseph held strong too and indeed he prospered and allowed God to help others prosper too.

My question for you today is, will you allow God’s promise to be executed in your life?