A personal Testimony

It was the 16th of January 2005, when the Lord had the pleasure to open my eyes and make me realise that He is the only way to heaven but there is more to that in what I describe as the best day of my life.

Having lost my earthly father at the age of 6, I always tried to find a father figure in others, starting with my step father, older colleagues at work etc but no one could fill the vacuum that my father left behind.

Living a life without such an important point of reference was tough especially in the teen age years. I thank my dear mum who did more than she could ever do to try to fit in both roles and she was amazing. I can never thank her enough, yet still that empty slot was still there in deepest part of my heart.

At this very 1st church service I went they played ‘Glory to the King’ by Hillsong and as part of the lyrics there is “You are the Father to the fatherless, the answer to my dreams” Right at that moment I felt that missing piece of my heart’s puzzle being slotted in its place. After 20 years I embraced not only my Saviour but also my Heavenly Father. The truth is that He was there all the time beside me, but it had to be me to open the door for HIM to come into my life.

That is what I describe as my life turning point. The key to happiness and a purposeful life and I am sharing this testimony with the blessed hope that you realise that there is Father who wants to give you life as an eternal solution and wants to be with you and help you go through your daily challenges in life. He gave it all, so that this Father to child relationship can happen.

Are you ready to embrace it?