What does it mean to be grateful to our Heavenly Father?

When I think about the Lord, I think of a constant flow of love and protection 24/7/365. He covers us with so much blessings that in order to be grateful to his unending blessings, it would not suffice to think of HIM every second of our lives.

He is so faithful and so many times we take Him for granted. Nevertheless He is constantly there with no ups and downs just there like no earthly father could ever be. He is a God of wonders and the most caring Father ever !

None compares to HIM and I wonder why I sometimes exchange HIM with something which is futile compared to HIS magnificence and HIS goodness.

When I think about the Lord, my heart just bursts with pleasure but at the same time it groans for the many who are still in the dark, longing that one day they will too perceive what the Lord has for them.