If it wasn’t for Joseph’s brothers, he could never go to Egypt and accomplish God’s plan to save ‘infant’ Israel from famine and most probably extinction.

Little did Joseph know what God had in store for him, however he did know that the God of His father Jacob (Israel) was in control.

How much are we allowing God to rule over us when we know that His plan always works for our own good? It might not be understandable or it may be confusing at times, however we also know that our minds are limited compared to the all knowing God.

We might also have our ‘set of brothers’ like Joseph did. People who might seem like a stumbling block yet they have been set there by God to accomplish His plan for us. That is why we need to keep on praying for all those around us and be thankful to God for all life circumstances as all of them nurture our life experience and help us to be changed more into the person our heavenly Father wants us to be.

That is why scripture states that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Deep conviction that God is in control, is where our starting point should be. Yahweh is faithful enough to unfold the rest of our life canvas.