“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack”

Psalm 23:1


One of the greatest assuring scriptures in the entire Bible is Psalm 23. The essence of this Psalm is concentrated in verse 1. Once we accept Jesus as our Saviour and Lord as a natural consequence, we have a divine assurance that we will NEVER EVER lack anything.

It is like a life insurance which has all covered without the * or fine print which generally aids insurance companies slip away from a due obligation. The Lord has neither fine print nor any asterisks, but HIS promises are there for us to take hold of and live in.


This is a promise for today not for when we are in heaven only. Therefore He is promising full protection, blessings and provision for TODAY. Many ask, but why am I praying for a specific issue in my life and seems that the Lord is not answering? One thing for sure, the Lord ALWAYS answers prayers and if you are earnestly seeking God with all your heart and nothing is happening, than God is telling you that it is either not for you or else it is not the season for it.


God always knows the bigger picture. It is like a coach analyzing a football match. No one better than him in the pitch can say what needs to be corrected during the play. So is it with our lives, we are the players and only if we rely on THE coach (Jesus) we can be assured of victory. The great news is that VICTORY has already been achieved by HIM on the cross, all we need to do is to plant ourselves and remain on the ROCK of our salvation and let HIM who is able to see the whole life scenario guide us in all our life circumstances.