If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word” – John 14:23

I hear many people say “Yes I love God but I have my “special” way to follow him.” To all my dear friends who have this mindset, Have you ever considered the true opinion of the One whom you say you love?

We just celebrated Valentine’s day. Saying to God that you love HIM and do not consider His desire and will is like giving a Valentine’s present to your loved one and through out the year you neglect him or her. Do you think your loved one will accept that gift? I think not, and so does God, he does not accept cosmetic words not coming from the heart.

As this scripture states, we cannot say we love God and not obey His Word. I am sure this will give you food for thought and the good news is that we have a patient God who is ‘craving’ to see you you loving him with your heart and not just with empty words.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us your Word on which we can meditate and be able to get to know you more. Please let our delight be in coming to know you more by spending precious time with you in praise and ‘digging’, into your precious Word. Help us to love you the way you want us to love you that is through obedience our of a grateful heart for giving us salvation through your Son Jesus and not our of mere duty. All this I pray in Jesus Name….Amen