As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?Psalm 42:1-2

My mother always gave me water to drink when I was young and all I can is thank her as in my adulthood I am enjoying healthy teeth, which would not have been so if from an early age I drank sugar saturated drinks like the so called ‘soft drinks’. Later on in life I was introduced to these soft drinks they tasted amazing and from that day, a week could not pass prior having at least 1 soft drink with a meal.

Tasting something sweet like soft drinks and chocolate makes you crave for more. When we first taste the goodness of God through Jesus Christ, a natural heart expression would sound exactly like the above Psalm verse.

Longing for God will make us want more of His and consequently want lack of what the world has to offer. Staying in HIS light will make us desire to get rid of those things which once used to prevent us from coming to Him.

To taste and see that the Lord is good requires time, quality time spent meditating on His Word and longing to know Him more, only that we can feel His power working within us as it changes us and moulds us into Christ likeness, which should be every Christian’s ultimate goal.

Heavenly Father, you gave us insight in your Holy Word that whenever someone longed for you and sought you with all his/her heart you move into their lives and anointed them with the power of your Holy Spirit. Make the desire to want more of you and less of this world grow in our hearts so that we can present ourselves to you as vehicles of your great message of salvation ready to share with those who are still seeking with boldness and love. All this we pray in Jesus Name…..Amen.