lamp unto my feet

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Certainly the new year brings with it a ‘vast area of unexplored ground’ in which no one has ever gone before. More than ever before humanity is craving for directions and for securities in life. The world is a sea of roaming souls hoping to find rest in a place of shelter which often results in being a temporary one with heavy repercussions.

Today like never before we Christians have a the great mission to share our assurance which is found in the Word of God. We have a great responsibility to give that long lasting hope to these roaming souls. We hold the only available truth in our hands and therefore this should make us responsible to make it ‘viral’.

We always have to remember that special person/s went that extra mile for us to be able to come to the Way, which will lead us to eternal life.

So let us love the Word of God, let it nurture us and equip us with two main aims, first to Glorify God and secondly to encourage others to take hold of the lamp which will direct their paths.

“Lord, guide us carefully on this uncharted land of a new year as we daily seek You in Your word. Then use us mightily as Your servants this year as we boldly proclaim Your word in leading others. Amen.”