He (Jesus) answered them , “Isaiah prophesied correctly about you hypocrites , as it is written : These people honor Me with their lips , but their heart is far from Me . 7 They worship Me in vain , teaching as doctrines the commands of men . (Mark 7:6-7)

This scripture should make us all reflect. How can we make sure we are following God’s will and way rather than men’s. the answer can only be found in God’s word the Bible, contrary to the multitude of ideologies this society is bombarding each and everyone of us, the Creator has only one will for his Children. A perfect will which is based on grace and compassion represented by Jesus’ ransom of our lives by the shedding His precious blood for us and all who believe, will have a eternal life.Do not let another life saving message pass you by, start reflecting about your life and where you are heading. For further instructions, refer to the Bible. And let it speak to your heart.

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