I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
—Psalm 9:1

If only I read this verse before and had some time of thought over it, I would have realised that all I had was a knowledge about who God is rather t

han having a relationship with HIM.

Going to a Sunday mass or making the sign of the cross just before travelling were mere routine rituals which I did out of habit. Psalm 9 is talking about something much more deeper which can only be achieved through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Having a deep understanding that there is NO LIFE without Him. Then out of the abundance of that relationship and love, the natural consequence would be to share with the World His amazing love and grace.

I have a message to all those who are still doing things out of habit, Jesus has much more to offer, He died on that cross and shed His blood so that we can live eternally and victoriously over any circumstance, whether it is depression, financial difficulties, sickness. We are more than over comers through the ONE who is described as the God of the impossible.

All you need is to open your heart to HIM and ask Jesus in your life, the Holy Spirit will do the rest as He will guide you to HIS Word which is our source of life.