“The apostles Barnabas and Paul tore their robes when they heard this and rushed into the crowd , shouting : “Men ! Why are you doing these things? We are men also , with the same nature as you , and we are proclaiming good news to you , that you should turn from these worthless things to the living God , who made the heaven , the earth , the sea , and everything in them” (Acts 14:14-15)

The above reaction from Barnabas and Paul was triggered after the Lycaonian people were treating and worshipping them as gods. We here appreciate the true heart of these two disciples as their main focus and aim was to give glory to The One and true God by sharing the salvation message to all those who encountered in their way. They never sought glory for themselves and rejected it when that happened as clearly illustrated above.

This scenario totally conflicts with what happens especially during the summer period in places like my country Malta were many ‘saints’ are worshipped and lifted up during the various village feasts.

A wake up call!

Paul is called ‘the father of faith’ in the Maltese islands and his reaction should really give food for thought to all those who really want to move in God’s ways rather than dwell in tradition which will eventually lead to death.

Whom are you really following today? Who is you true God? As for me and my family we decided to serve and worship only, the God described by Paul as the living God, who made the heaven, the earth, the sea and everything in them.